ICAP Committee

The In-House Career Accelerator Program (ICAP) assists new in-house counsel in transition to, and building, a successful career within a corporate law department. ICAP is open to NELC members with two or less years of in-house experience who are committed to enriching ethnic and racial diversity in the field of management-side labor and employment law. 

ICAP provides participants with career advancement skills in an intensive and interactive six-hour series of sessions with seasoned in-house practitioners while also exposing participants to the NELC’s national network of experienced labor and employment attorneys. Participants are also paired with a seasoned in-house attorney to establish and continue a mentor-mentee relationship throughout the transition and their legal journey.


Teleicia Dambreville

Mia Belk


Barbara Dunlap

Tonya Holt

Evelyn M. Pérez-Albino

Travis Sumter

Gerald L. Walden, Jr.