NELC Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, operational priorities, policies, and decisions consistent with the NELC’s Vision, Mission and Focus. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the board during the interim times between board meetings.

Finance, Resource Development & Operations

The Finance, Resource Development and Operations Committee is responsible for obtaining program sponsorship, making strategic alliances with other organizations, drafting and reviewing the organization’s operating budget and handling all other monetary and financial activities of the organization.

Academy Committee

The Academy is responsible for creating a support system and mentoring opportunities for new attorneys to succeed in their careers in management-oriented labor and employment law.

Board Development

The Board Development Committee is responsible for developing nominees for officers, board elections, board committees, and planning for board training and leadership development.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing NELC’s membership, including planning and promoting activities for the purpose of increasing membership and creating and maintaining membership applications. This Committee is also responsible for developing and maintaining the NELC website, the organization’s social media presence, and other NELC branded services.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for the organization’s Annual Conference and its Regional Conferences, Regional Receptions, and webinars. They oversee the locations, budget and content for each of these conferences, receptions and webinars.

In-House Counsel

The In-House Committee is responsible for developing value-added services for the organization’s in-house counsel.