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Mukherjee Misti

Managing Member at Extensiolaw
Member Since: 2022


Street Address: 200 Massachusetts Avenue Suite 700
City Name: Washington
Province: DC
Zip Code: 20001
Phone: Available to Members
Mobile Phone: Available to Members
Race: Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander
Languages (Fluent): Bengali
Primary Areas of Practice: Business Restructuring and M&A, Contingent Workforce Issues, Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Federal Government Contracting, Investigator, Leaves of Absence and Disability Accommodation, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements, Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets, Wage and Hour Audits, Whistleblowing Compliance and Investigation, Workplace Accommodation, Workplace Violence, Workplace Drug Testing, Wrongful Discharge
Description of Member's Practice: Management-side employment law and DEI advice and counsel, training, contracts, policies and investigations/assessments
Member Type: Outside Counsel
Member Profile: Employment lawyer and DEI practitioner with decades of experience in corporate and Board leadership, providing creative, practical and value-driven legal and human capital solutions that accelerate business objectives while preserving organizational values.
Firm/Company: Extensio Law
Firm/Company Size: 1-10
Firm/Company Office Locations: District of Columbia, Maryland
Firm/Company Profile: Extensio lawyers are smart, pragmatic, energetic and creative problem solvers. We have been HR practitioners, so we understand the strategic and operational challenges of working both in HR and on HR, and we are dedicated to providing efficient, accurate and effective legal counsel and work product, on time and within budget. We prioritize humility, integrity and authenticity in every relationship, and our counsel and coaching always includes honoring our clients’ organizational values.
Firm/Company Website:
Bar Admissions (up to 10): District of Columbia, Virginia
Former Member of the Bench: No
Percent of Members Time Spent on Employment Law Matters: 75 - 100
Percent of Member's Practice Spent on Plaintiff's Employment Matters: 0
Referred By: Rob Falk