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Analo Karl

Counsel at Abbott
Member Since: 2022


Street Address: 180 N Stetson Ave, Suite 1660
City Name: Chicago
Province: Illinois
Zip Code: 60601
Email Address:
Phone: Available to Members
Mobile Phone: Available to Members
Description of Member's Practice: I have significant experience litigating complex labor and employment law issues including claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour violations, and the like. I have represented a broad range of industries in these matters including companies operating in the food, finance, construction, and real estate sectors. I also help employers avoid litigation whenever possible, through implementation and enforcement of sound personnel policies, thorough investigation of issues when they arise, and proactive management training.
Member Type: Outside Counsel
Firm/Company: FordHarrison LLP
Firm/Company Profile: FordHarrison is a U.S. labor & employment law firm with more than 200 attorneys in 29 offices, including three affiliate firms. The firm is committed to providing clients with the "right response at the right time"​ in managing their workforce. FordHarrison attorneys represent employers in labor, employment, immigration and employee benefits matters, including litigation. Through its membership in the global employment law firm alliance, Ius Laboris, FordHarrison provides clients that have multinational operations with a broad range of services related to labor and employment law in jurisdictions throughout the world. For more information on FordHarrison, visit To learn more about Ius Laboris, visit
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Percent of Members Time Spent on Employment Law Matters: 75 - 100
Percent of Member's Practice Spent on Plaintiff's Employment Matters: 1 - 25