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Hernandez Stacey

partner at Carterarnett
Member Since: 2019


Street Address: 8150 N. Central Expy, Suite 500
City Name: Dallas
Province: tx
Zip Code: 75206
Phone: Available to Members
Mobile Phone: Available to Members
Primary Areas of Practice: Litigation and Trials
Member Type: Outside Counsel
Firm/Company: Carter Arnett
Firm/Company Size: 10-25
Firm/Company Office Locations: Texas
Firm/Company Website:
Bar Admissions (up to 10): Texas
Former Member of the Bench: No
Percent of Members Time Spent on Employment Law Matters: 75 - 100
Percent of Member's Practice Spent on Plaintiff's Employment Matters: 75 - 100
Referred By: Carolyn Lam