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Buliox Warren

Equity Partner at MWH Law Group LLP
Member Since: 2018


Street Address: 735 N Water Street, Suite 610
City Name: Milwaukee
Province: WI
Zip Code: 53202
Phone: Available to Members
Mobile Phone: Available to Members
Description of Member's Practice: Employment & Labor law.
Member Type: Outside Counsel
Member Profile: Warren E. Buliox has extensive experience representing and counseling small and large businesses (including Fortune 50, 100, and 500 Corporations) on a wide array of issues. His experiences range from providing counsel and representation to companies on civil rights matters to working hands-on with businesses to develop creative and proactive solutions to eliminating or reducing risks. He has defended or provided counsel on claims involving allegations of race and color discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, arrest and conviction record discrimination, and disparate impact discrimination based on credit history and incarceration rates/statistics. He has also analyzed and provided counsel on countless employment policies and handbooks, trained management level employees on various topics, and analyzed and drafted employment contracts and separation agreements. Mr. Buliox has tried a dozen jury trials and has handled in excess of 250 hearings. He has also handled numerous motions before administrative agencies and in court. His experience includes the successful defense of a multitude of administrative complaints before state and federal agencies and lawsuits filed in federal courts across the country. He has experience with voir dire, contentious jury selection processes, trial motions, jury instructions, and other related activity. Further, Mr. Buliox has represented and provided counsel to a federally recognized Indian Tribe on various issues, including, but not limited to, sovereign immunity, gaming, constitutional issues, subrogation rights in connection with a self-funded employee health plan, the Indian Civil Rights Act, and the Indian Gaming Regulations Act.
Firm/Company: MWH Law Group
Firm/Company Profile: MWH is a certified minority-owned law firm with dedicated attorneys devoted to the success of their clients. Many of our attorneys are recognized for their commitment to diversity and inclusion, strategic and forward-thinking resolutions, client achievements and pioneering spirit. The firm offers a wide array of legal services to a variety of companies and public entities, including small family-run enterprises, governmental agencies and Fortune 100 businesses.
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