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Burruezo Bertha

Managing Shareholder at Burruezo & Burruezo, PLLC
Member Since: 2018


streetAddress: 911 Outer Road
cityName: Orlando
province: Florida
zipCode: 33606
Phone: Available to Members
Mobile Phone: Available to Members
Race: Hispanic/Latino
Languages (Fluent): English
Primary Areas of Practice: Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Employment Litigation, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements, Wage and Hour Litigation, Wage and Hour Audits, Workplace Accommodation, Wrongful Discharge
Description of Member's Practice: Bertha Burruezo, a former middle school teacher, has been practicing law for over 22 years, 20 of which have been exclusively in the employment arena. As a business owner herself, she strives to give her clients proactive and practical guidance that will serve their best interests.
Member Type: Outside Counsel
Firm/Company: Burruezo & Burruezo, PLLC
Firm/Company Size: 1-10
Firm/Company Office Locations: Florida
Firm/Company Profile: Burruezo & Burruezo is a boutique Employment law firm with lawyers that have BigLaw experience, whose goal is to service its clients with that same white glove service, while offering various reasonable rate options.
Firm/Company Website:
Bar Admissions (up to 10): Florida
Former Member of the Bench: No
Percent of Members Time Spent on Employment Law Matters: 75 - 100
Percent of Member's Practice Spent on Plaintiff's Employment Matters: 0
Referred By: Carlos Burruezo