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About Us

The NELC strives to be the premiere organization for all experienced management-side labor and management-side employment law attorneys and human resources leaders of color practicing by providing an unparalleled platform for innovative community and relationship-building, meaningful professional advancement, and dynamic mentoring.

Founded in 1995, the National Employment Law Council (“NELC”) is an organization of thought leaders in the labor and employment arena who serve as outside legal counsel, in-house/corporate legal counsel and human resources leaders.

The NELC focuses on:

  • Communication – Providing a communication forum that promotes the professional community of labor and employment attorneys and human resources leaders of color;
  • Advancement – Assisting attorneys and human resources leaders of color in their professional pursuits;
  • Education & Networking – Expanding the technical and ethical skills, networking and knowledge of attorneys and human resources leaders of color through legal education programs, professional development and social events;
  • Mentoring – Creating a support system and mentoring opportunities for attorneys and human resources leaders of color to exchange ideas and develop critical thoughts related to labor and employment matters; and
  • Relationship Building – Serving as an avenue through which in-house/corporate legal counsel and human resources leaders may identify attorneys of color highly proficient in labor and employment law who can provide advice and representation on such matters.

The practice of law in general, and the practice of labor and employment law in particular, have undergone dramatic changes over the past twenty years.

 Regardless of whether practicing labor and employment law in a corporation, in a law firm, or in the public sector, we face enormous challenges and difficult questions each and every day. The NELC is here to help as you address these and other challenging questions.

  •  How do I respond to demands for legal advice when my client wants and needs an answer immediately?
  • How do I have the resources to help me with a sticky employment law matter halfway around the world?
  • Where do I go to identify the top legal talent to work on my cases and know that the attorney I select has the experience and expertise needed for the case?
  • How do I compete effectively to be included in that ever shrinking pool of law firms corporations are using for legal services?
  • How do I ensure that my career is on track and that I am always cognizant of where I want to go and have a plan for accomplishing my objectives?

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